About Us

Company Info

Binary Fountain was founded in 2003 in response to growing demand for Business Intelligence (BI) applications in both public and private sectors. Customers wanted a solution that would organize and orchestrate business processes, automate business methodologies and systems, and delver outcomes to optimize performance. The result was Binary Fountainís unique Business Performance Management (BPM) framework that unified data integration, workflow management, reporting, analysis and monitoring into one seamless and easy to use tool. The framework is designed to provide a powerful, yet easily configurable, data extraction and integration service to the customer without compromising quality and performance, yielding highly cost effective integration solutions.

The solution created was first intended and applied to hospitals nationwide as a healthcare revenue recognition BI application. This allowed hospitals to consolidate multiple sources of data in order to analyze and report conclusions based on accurate and up to the minute information. The success that Binary Fountain saw set into motion many strategic partnerships that led to the development of a new spending analytics portal for government, specifically our SpendView Solution with Dashboard functionality. The expenditure solution was an immediate success, with the Commonwealth of Virginia outperforming their target expenditure goals and realizing a 26% increase in expenditure allocation towards Small, Women and Minority (SWAM) businesses. This was one of the key applications allowing Virginia to be rated as the best improved state in the country.

The DiversityView Dashboard is now our cornerstone solution, enabling both commercial clients and federal, state and local governments to accurately track, trend, and monitor their expenditures towards Small Women and Minority Businesses. By doing so, our clients now have a comprehensive tool to allow for increased transparency, accountability and collaboration. Binary Fountain is focused on delivering results to our customers by utilizing best-practice methodology that ensures success, project quality, and on-time and on-budget delivery.

Our solutions have enabled our clients to make better-informed day-to-day business decisions and draw concrete conclusions based on key performance indicators. Our clients realize measurable results including: faster time-to-decision, data driven discoveries, improved collaborations and document workflow, information quality, and greater strategic insight - all with lower TCO and higher ROI. Binary Fountain has seen tremendous fiscal growth since our inception and we continue to keep both government and businesses securely positioned in an ever-changing environment.

Our Mission

We strive to provide software solutions that empower our clients to make more informed decisions by providing timely, comprehensive, and accurate data analytics, forecasting, and dashboard reporting. Our mission is to rebuild trust in government through increased transparency and accountability in government expenditure.