Client Support

Quality Support When, Where and How You Need It.

You need fast and reliable support for your Performance Management Dashboard solutions. We understand that dedicated, ongoing support is essential to helping you maximize your investment in our Dashboard solutions. Our Client Support Services are available 24/7 via phone, Web site or e-mail so you can count on receiving knowledgeable, real-time support from consultants with a high level of expertise in our solutions.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience.

With a high level of commitment to provide quality support and meticulous attention to all client issues—regardless of client size—our team has a reputation in the industry for consistently going the extra mile to serve our customers.

Support and Resources for Any Situation, Anytime.

Your business and your customers cannot be put on hold. Should you face a mission-critical challenge, our consultants can access your system remotely, assist online and perform diagnostics. And with automatic notification and issue escalation, urgent issues are escalated to management within one hour.

Our Client Support Services can also provide prompt on-site service if you need assistance at your facility. Ongoing support through our maintenance programs ensures you stay up-to-speed with solution developments and optimize your dashboard outcomes for maximum performance.

By gaining an understanding of your business needs, we can arrange targeted service that achieves your specific goals. We continuously apply best practices to our operational techniques, technological advancements and system re-evaluations—to make your operation more productive and efficient.