Collaboration Portal

The Binary Fountain Collaboration Portal is a recursive process where two or more participants work together toward a common goal by sharing knowledge, learning and building consensus. Our structured methods of collaboration encourage introspection of behavior, intelligence and communication. These methods specifically aim to increase the success of teams as they engage in collaborative supply chain operation. Our solution will allow project centric communities where buyers and vendors can collaborate on RFPs, RFIs, awards and eventually project work. Polls, e-forms, rubrics, charts, wikis, walls and graphs are available in these situations to objectively document personal traits with the goal of improving organization performance and communication among employees and external partners.

The Binary Fountain collaboration portal allows organizations to foster better communication and knowledge sharing. Social networking is an integral part of the portal with Blogs, Wiki, Tags, RSS and bookmarks. The core elements of our collaboration platform are messaging - email, calendaring scheduling, and contacts; team collaboration - document sharing and workflow, polls, and dynamic web forms; full-text search, and real-time collaboration and communication. The portal lets users easily create and manage everything from a simple article of text and images to full functional web sites. Web publishing works alongside the portal’s larger collection of applications, allowing a user to add in visitor polls, web forms, community collaboration tools and more. Everything is done with our collection of easy-to-use tools with familiar rich-text editors and an intuitive interface.

The Binary Fountain Portal’s comprehensive collection of out of the box applications provide organizations everything they need to build a website, intranet, extranet, collaboration platform, and more – all within minutes.

Social Networking

The Collaboration Suite is deeply integrated with the social networking aspect of the portal, which includes forums, wiki, blogs, email, calendars, CMS, and tagging. Binary Fountain portal connects colleagues and gives them a full insight of each other. It provides them the context of the information or project, building the level of trust they have in each other, thus increasing processes and work quality.

Documents and CMS

Our built-in content management system (CMS) lets your information take the form of a public website, a shared workspace or an organization content repository. The portal provides one central place to aggregate and manage all your content. While the Portal pulls together all your content, it also allows you to publish any piece of content in your workspace through a set of publishing rules.


The Dashboard gives each user their own personal home page. Users are able to easily aggregate content, portal applications, the web and other systems. The dashboard quickly displays everything that matters to you, all in one place while tracking any changes that have occurred.

Your Web

The Portal lets you design your work experience with a fully customizable personal web space. A user can change how one’s web space looks, what tools and applications are rendered, what goes into your personal document library and which of your friends and colleagues can access at what level. It also enables users to define private pages and public pages --- allowing you to control the Internet.

Communities & Organizations

Users can be grouped into a hierarchical collection referred to as Organizations or into an arbitrary collection referred to as User Groups. Each group of individuals can form a community which is represented by a separate mini portal with its own set of pages, content management system, shared calendar, and authorizations. A user can belong to multiple user groups and communities and easily navigate between them.

Single-Click Configuration

Our user driven interface makes the portal extremely easy and flexible to use for everyone in your organization. Time-consuming tasks such as changing a page layout, adding new applications and content, and changing look and feel can all be done in a couple of clicks without ever involving any technical folks. Another great feature is our drag and drop functionality allowing users with little to no technical experience to customize their collaboration portal in a matter of seconds.