Companies rely on business intelligence to provide visibility into the full scope of their spending and financial operations. As corporate financial data faces greater scrutiny, finance and accounting departments must make detailed information more quickly and widely available. Business intelligence uniquely provides efficient transparency, accountability, analysis and delivery of corporate spending data.

Expenditure transparency is about empowering taxpayers, financial compliance and accountability across the government agencies.

Binary Fountain Spending Analytics Dashboard enables operational and spending business intelligence to government agencies to improve transparency, accountability, and collaboration. The dashboard solution enables agencies to optimize their supplier and spending performance by integrating disparate data from across the enterprise value chain and enabling decision makers to make more informed and actionable decisions. By using pre-built dashboards and reports government agencies can analyze fund allotments and spending details, review overall budget and financial performance and improve timeliness and efficiency of payments. This leads to more effective stimulus execution process with increased reporting accuracy and accountability along with effectively tracking the Jobs growth outcomes. Agencies using Binary Fountain Dashboard will benefit from increased insight and visibility into the suppliers performance and payables as well as comprehensive spend and procurement analysis.

Hardwiring Spending data and Performance Accountability across the enterprise

  • Better Spending intelligence and insight into spending data at all levels.
  • More informed guidance to achievable performance with which to assign accountability.
  • Better business intelligence dashboards with which to track projects/initiatives/grants.
  • Better real-time visibility as to current performance.
  • Better practices for optimizing performance throughout the agency.
  • Integrated and Actionable Spending Insight.

Diversity Business Utilization Dashboard

Transparency and monitoring into the Diversity utilization among governmental agencies is a daunting task when spending data are scattered all over the jurisdiction some data with the large contractors, some with the educational institutes and P-cards data with external credit card companies. Binary Fountain dashboard application allows governmental agencies to integrate, track and monitor diversity spending and utilization throughout the enterprise. The application has public, agencies centric, and administrator views allowing everyone to view and track the diversity utilization.