HospitalView: Gain a consolidated view of Revenue Cycle

schoolviewIn hospital environments, the cost and resources of migrating and integrating data assets into other formats can be a challenging task. Binary Fountainís HospitalView solution allows our clients to cost effectively and quickly integrate data assets and launch a revenue cycle dashboard application. The solution enables real-time access to critical revenue information across disparate hospital systems and processes. The revenue cycle dashboard is designed to enhance a hospitalís ability to track, trend and monitor revenue cycle performance.

The HospitalView solution orchestrates data aggregation and transformation agents to deliver an up-to-date holistic view of business entities, enterprise-class reporting, analysis, dashboard, data mining and workflow capabilities that help healthcare organizations operate more efficiently and effectively. The solution provides a highly scalable and efficient framework to extract data from multiple sources and applications, integrate the different streams and provide a single upload to an external application. The solution allows a hospital to integrate their legacy and disparate data sources with third party applications without the need for extensive IT overhead. Currently, our solution is deployed at a number of hospitals to integrate their disparate revenue cycle related data into a web based revenue cycle dashboard application.

The revenue cycle financial data is translated into easy-to-read graphical charts and reports providing the information necessary to improve revenue cycle performance.

Binary Fountainís HospitalView is a high performance service-oriented application for storing, managing, configuring and exchanging XML data based on open-standard Internet technologies. Storage of XML documents is best handled by a native XML data store. The most significant architectural design goal of the framework is to support a configurable enterprise - it eliminates the need for custom code without compromising quality, scalability and performance, resulting in highly cost effective integration solutions.