Binary Fountain’s Products & Solutions

Binary Fountain is a business process management products and solutions company that provides leading enterprises online collaboration, data warehousing, data integration, process engineering and business intelligence tools. Clients utilizing our solutions are able to achieve competitive advantage and operational excellence. Our solutions combine technology leadership with industry expertise in business enterprise process compliance and expenditure tracking to dramatically improve performance across systems, departments, people, and trading partners. Binary Fountainís platform solutions address a wide range of customer needs related to business process management, disparate data integration and Business Intelligence. These solutions help our customers adopt a service-oriented architecture (SOA) strategy by integrating internal and external applications, data, and business processes, thus orchestrating interactions within the enterprise and with external partners. Our solutions provide real-time Collaboration, end-to-end visibility and streamlined control over key business processes and data to:

  • Improve processes and increase transparency and accountability
  • Discover trends around key performance indicators
  • Ensure regulatory financial and contractual compliance
  • Develop closer relationships with partners and customers
  • Rapidly respond to changing business conditions

Binary Fountain's commodities trading and business intelligence architecture unifies Collaboration, Reporting, Analysis, and real-time business Monitoring into one seamless experience for the business user, into one efficient and scalable architecture for the enterprise, and into one economical and extensible utility for the CXOs. Our solutions were specifically designed for fast and simple initial implementation and to grow seamlessly to support enterprise-class commodities trading and business intelligence requirements. We offer exceptional value through a low entry cost and the lowest total cost of ownership as your implementation grows.

Binary Fountainís deployed solutions continuously monitor performance in near real-time, increase transparency, and improve collaboration throughout your enterprise, agency or department.


SpendCompass Framework
“Measuring the past, monitoring the present, and forecasting the future”

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Platform


Transparency and monitoring into the diversity utilization among governmental agencies is a daunting task, especially when spending data is scattered across multiple sources including contractors, educational institutes, P-card transactions, external credit cards, etc. Binary Fountainís dashboard application allows government agencies to integrate, track and monitor diversity spending and utilization throughout the enterprise. The application has public, agency centric, and administrator views allowing everyone to view and track the diversity utilization... read more »

The SchoolView Dashboard application provides real-time access to critical business intelligence across disparate schools, systems and processes. The application provides a flexible platform for compiling and integrating data from multiple systems that allows for the quick analysis of factors that impact learning and effect school performance... read more »

Collaboration Portal:
Provide enterprise collaboration to your employees, partners, and clients. Allows you to build Communities Portal - the most innovative technologies to let you do everything from web publishing, to building an intranet, to simply getting the right documents and applications to the right people efficiently or sharing contents, calendars and events through our Social Collaboration solution - the best of social networking and content management and package it into one neat solution. Whether you're in the same room or in different hemispheres, our solution can revolutionize the way you work... read more »

Commodity Trading ERP System:
An Internet based innovative order processing, inventory management, and reporting system that is specifically designed for commodities brokers, merchants, converters, traders, distributors, and recycling plants to operate more competitively in today's markets. The Software as a Service application provides an end-to-end solution that organizes and controls every aspect of Commodities business from order management, operations, supply-chain and logistics, to documentation, accounting and business intelligence reporting. It enables your back-office to work more effectively, helps improve customer service, empowers your sales team to monitor trends, and manage true order profitability. All while providing the financial control you need from any internet connected device. The business intelligence module ties individual performance to overall strategy with key performance indicators and Monitor performance measurement using dashboards, reports, and alerts... read more »