schoolviewThe SchoolView Dashboard application provides real-time access to critical business intelligence across disparate schools, systems and processes. The application provides a flexible platform for compiling and integrating data from multiple systems that allows for the quick analysis of factors that impact learning and effect school performance. The application enables the right information to everyone in your school or district with a cost-effective education analytics solution. All of your users—from the superintendent to classroom teachers to parents—can generate reports and display them online through familiar Internet web browsers. With access to relevant data from multiple sources, you can make better decisions by tracking progress against key performance indicators (KPIs).

The application is developed upon proven architecture based on numerous implementations and our best practice methodology. The SchoolView's predictive analytics technology connects data to effective strategic action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and critical future outcomes.

Once configured, the user-friendly web based solution provides access to a secure and reliable analysis and reporting system that facilitates continuous assessment of student achievement and performance while providing the flexibility to adjust parameters based on future school, state and federal reporting requirements.

Actionable Analytics
  • The SchoolView Dashboard provides actionable spending information about day-to-day performance in real-time, enabling the administrative leadership and others to pro-actively guide business performance, set targets, review financial transactions, and address emerging problems before they arise.
  • The application emphasizes spending according to source, vendors, objects, function, and programs demonstrating spending patterns and outcomes of KPIs. Thus, allowing benchmarking to compare spending across different schools and evaluate spending patterns, outcomes and trends.
  • The Dashboard has a number of views allowing different types of users to view relevant subsets of data with trends and charts from high-level graphs to the atomic values.
  • The spending data are used to create school profiles that will assist in planning, defining outcome driven benchmarks, trend analysis, performance targets, school evaluation, accountability, and knowledge-based collaboration.
Key Benefits

Binary Fountain’s Schoolview utilizes standard data models for assessment, attendance, discipline, spending, enrollments, withdrawals and dropouts, graduation rates, course enrollment, teaching, highly qualified teachers and other subject areas.

  • Dashboard Visualization: Generate visually impressive graphs, charts, mapping and reporting of schools information with the ability to drill down to the atomic value. This allows the school districts to define indicators to showcase how information varies across schools, students, teachers, and outcomes.
  • Make Better Decisions: Inform routine decisions and long-range strategic planning across business functions and disciplines with accurate data and predictive analytics.
  • Meet Reporting Requirements: Quickly and easily generate the ad-hoc reports you need for your school board and local, state, and federal requirements.
  • Manage Spending: Gain a deeper understanding of projected budgets and expenditures – compare, trend and benchmark your costs for services among schools and districts requirements.

Binary Fountain’s SchoolView Solution ultimately equips school administrators and education officials with accurate data and reports to improve student and school performance, identify problem areas in expenditure, and discover root causes that help them meet the educational reporting requirements.