Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Platform

The Binary Fountain Information Integration Platform facilitates cost effective assembly of data integration and delivery solutions through its unique Service Oriented Architecture framework. The framework is designed to provide a powerful, yet easily configurable, data extraction and integration services to the customer without compromising quality and performance, resulting in highly cost effective integration solutions. A rich set of essential support services, such as data handling and utility services, are an integral part of the platform. Support for easy addition of custom services is a standard feature, enabling solutions that meet each client's unique requirements.

The framework consists of a collection of decentralized service components called Agents. Each agent offers a set of specialized services that form the building blocks of business processes. Data Extraction Agents have built-in intelligence to communicate natively with specific types of external systems, services or data sources (RDBMS, Mainframes, ERP, CRM, decision-support systems, etc.). Data Handling Agents perform data manipulation services: filtering, formatting, cleansing, transformation and aggregation. Also available are general-purpose utility Agents such as email and ftp agents. Agents can be configured (via XML documents) to perform a specific service against an external system, application or data source.

Business processes orchestrate the data extraction, aggregation and transformation services implemented by these framework agents to provide on-demand, transparent access to critical business information with strong emphasis on easy configurability, flexible deployment and scalability. These business processes can be launched on-demand or automatically (via a scheduler or some other trigger mechanism), and can be configured to collaborate and perform real-time or batch processing on behalf of client applications.

Although data integration problems are widespread in hospitals and State agencies, much of the focus by IT organizations to date has been on integrating structured data in support of data warehousing and business intelligence applications. The BI market has seen tremendous growth over recent years and, for many hospitals, government organizations and commercial enterprises, BI has become mission-critical because of the important role it plays in the decision-making process. This reliance will increase as these enterprises move towards using BI, not only for strategic and tactical decision-making, but also for driving daily and intraday business operations. Binary Fountain has successfully developed and deployed data integration solutions for hospitals, government organizations and commercial enterprises to efficiently aggregate data and deliver timely information to our own BI platform and other vendors' BI offerings.