StimulusView: A Dashboard Solution to ARRA Insight

schoolviewThe American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) is an extraordinary response to a crisis unlike any since the Great Depression. With much at stake, Binary Fountainís StimulusView Solution provides unprecedented levels of transparency and accountability so that you will be able to know how, when, and where stimulus dollars are being spent.

The Spending Analytics Dashboard enables stimulus insight to improve transparency, accountability, and collaboration. The dashboard solution enables national level, agency level, state level, county level and program level views to optimize programs, projects, grants and spending performance by integrating disparate data from across the federal value chain and enabling decision makers to make more informed and actionable decisions. Utilization of pre-built dashboards and reports allows users to analyze fund allotments and spending details, review overall budget and financial performance, and improve effectiveness of the stimulus initiative. The dashboard solution leads to a more efficient stimulus execution process with increased reporting accuracy, collaboration, and accountability, along with effectively tracking jobs growth and other outcomes.

Ultimately, the StimulusView solution provides powerful financial metrics, alerts, and reports enabling all to gain insight into budget execution and stimulus spending analyses and to take data driven action. At the highest level, the solution addresses government requirements by tracking stimulus spending numbers, compliance, data capture, data analysis, utilization reporting, and job growth outcomes. The dashboard integrates data across procurement, planning, financial and other customer and payment centric systems to deliver robust information enhancing operational effectiveness and financial performance. The dashboard accepts goals, project plans, utilization data, certification data, purchase cards data and is able to extract information from internal systems, data warehouse and data marts. The solution is the most forward-looking, flexible, extensible, and cost-efficient system for stimulus spending, tracking, and monitoring.

The dashboard collaboration module allows a public domain user to drill down to a specific transaction and initiate a collaboration thread. A user can upload pictures and blog on a stimulus transaction, therefore creating increased transparency, accountability and public trust.

Data Mining or knowledge discovery

Data Mining, or knowledge discovery, is the process of examining large amounts of data in search of hidden patterns and predictive information in an automated manner. This information allows organizations to make better decisions. The Dashboard provides robust data mining capabilities in order to track expenditures, utilization performance and jobs growth across an agency. The system calculates variances between actual spending versus targets (goals/indicators, project milestone dates and spending), and if needed, assigns performance ratings (e.g., red, yellow, green), and evaluate targets and/or actual performance for selected goals/indicators.


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